Late Nights

We’ve all been there, its 2AM and all that is keeping us awake is coffee or a Red Bull.

However, too much caffeine is definitely unhealthy.  Before you become addicted, try using these three easy tips.

  1. Stay Cold – Splash cold water on your face, drink cold water, or open a window, this will jolt your senses, keeping them from going into warm, dreamy “sleep mode.”
  2. Take a Stretch – When you sleep, your blood circulation slows, so a stronger blood circulation will keep you awake.  Standing up to stretch or exercise at least once every hour will keep your blood moving.
  3. Chew Gum – Like taking a stretch, chewing gum is a form of exercise that will keep the blood moving towards your head.  Strong flavors work best.
For more information about caffeine addiction, check out Caffeine Blues by Stephen Cherniske!

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